Part-time Artist.

Art & Design Projects

  • Interactive Multimedia Installation "Vernal Canopy"
  • Kaleidoscope & Flash Animation "Academia-in-a-box" & "A Spot"
  • Interactive Video: Improving the Shopping Experience

Interactive Multimedia Installation "Vernal Canopy"

"See changes in the images, listen to the birds, and touch the art work. This installation was designed for the audience to enjoy it with not just the eyes and ears but also to experience it with the hands."

About the Technology

This installation uses stretch sensors attached to fishing lines to detect movement on the cloth. As the name suggests, the sensors change resistance when stretched, and the increase in resistance is detected through Arduino Diecimila microcontroller board. The signal is interpreted by Max/MSP/Jitter to generate real-time changes to the sound and the projected image.

Worked with Dr. J. Kapuscinski to design an exhibit for Intermedia Performance Lab Concert. The idea of an interactive installation was brought to reality and was expanded through collaborative work with Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) PhD student Michael Berger and CCRMA staff Diana Siwiak.

Time Frame:


MUSIC 199 Independent Study (Dr. J. Kapuscinski, Intermedia Performance Lab, Dpt of Music)
3 month (brainstorming), 1 month (production)
May 4, 2009 Intermedia Performance Lab Concert
May 28, 2009 CCRMA Spring Concert
May 29, 2009 CCRMA Open House
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University
C. Keiko Funahashi: Exhibit idea brainstorming, ideation, rapid prototyping, visual element direction
Michael Berger: Max/MSP programming, Arduino & sensor preparation, composition, sound editing
Diana Siwiak: Jitter programming, Arduino & sensor preparation

Kaleidoscope & Flash Animation "Academia-in-a-Box" & "A Spot"

An experimental project to connect a physical object and digital media. The text used in both works was taken from a digitized image of volume 1 of a scientific magazine, Philosophical Transactions, that was published in 1665. The article selected for these works is called, "A Spot in One of the Belts of Jupiter."
Time Frame:

Academia-in-a-Box [kaleidoscope]
Mixed media
4 weeks

A Spot
Time Frame:


A Spot [Flash animation]
Adobe Flash animation & sound file (computer reading the word "a spot" & slowed down)
4 weeks

ARTSTUDI 179 Digital Art I

Interactive Video Improving the Shopping Experience

Link to prototype video.  [Note: Not all buttons are linked to a site.]
This was a project to reinvent the online shopping experience. Worked with multidisciplinary team members, Chris (Management Science & Engineering), Ross (Mechanical Engineering), and Aliza (MBA), and the team brainstormed ways to make shopping site browsing fun and worthwhile even when the viewer does not buy anything. After prototyping a few ideas, envisioned an interactive make-over video for that was inspired by choose-your-own-adventure stories.

Time Frame:
My Role:

ENGR 280 From Play to Innovation (Institute of Design)
3 weeks
Needs finding (target user interviews), ideation, rapid prototyping, prototype testing, video editing