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"There are millions of ways to do this. What is the most powerful?"

Heward Jue

Heward Jue is an Art Director and Photographer. He received his bachelors degree in Advertising Design from the Art Center College of Design. He has worked on many advertising campaigns from Ferrari to The Hemlock Society. A colleague approached him about participating in a campaign for the Breast Cancer Fund Organization. Thus began this campaign.

Obsessed with Breasts

The main goals of the Obsessed with Breasts campaign were:

   1.) To increase awareness and involve the public
   2.) To dispel fear, demystify the disease and motivate action
   3.) To educate about the disease and provide ways for people to act
   4.) To answer questions children have about breast cancer

* - Please refer to the campaign's goals for more information.

In addition, the campaign was a political statement. "What do breasts represent in our society? We use breasts to sell everything." As a result, Heward and his colleague thought of using parodies of things in pop culture (Cosmopolitan, Calvin Klein's Obsession, and Victoria's Secret) as a way to communicate their message.

The San Francisco bus shelter authority feared that the ads were too shocking and refused to put them up. The ads were taken down by Santa Clara officials because of four complaints. Due to the controversy and public outrage, the media (across the U.S. and some parts of the world) picked up the story and gave the campaign unparalleled publicity.

Many people visited the site to express their opinion, learn more, give money, and as a result became involved. Although it is "hard to quantify" the effects of the campaign it can be considered a success due to good design, creativity, and achieving its goals.

To understand how the campaign came together, please read Heward's process to design. To understand the campaign's strategy and Heward's overall design strategy, please read Heward's philosophy on design.

Obsessed with Breasts